I-84 Waterbury Widening

I-84 Waterbury Widening

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About the Project


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The purpose of this project was to improve safety, operation and highway capacity on Interstate 84 (I-84) in the City of Waterbury. Prior to the implementation of the project, the section of I-84 through the project limits experienced heavy traffic congestion due to high traffic volumes, steep topography, lack of roadway capacity, and design deficiencies in ramps and weave areas.

This project, completed in 2018, has improved traffic flow along I-84 and local nearby streets, and reduced traffic congestion along the mainline, local roads, and ramp weaves, and has reduced accident rates. These traffic enhancements have resulted in improvements to air quality, noise, aesthetics, and the quality of life.

Public Comments

“Went East and West yesterday. The difference still amazes me! Yea! The walls on the highway are beautiful! A whole different feeling and its great!” Bonnie O., Waterbury

“Best run project this state has ever seen.” E. O’Lena

“Amazing job and it looks great too!” M. K. Owens

“The changes to 84 eastbound are simply awesome! Thank you so much!!!” S. Powers

GREAT WORK!! I have commuted from New Britain to Watertown for over 6 years. I must say that having those 3 lanes Eastbound open with no tie ups is truly awesome and makes my life so much less stressful! Thank you!” John B.

“This project has been inspirational. Every highway project in the United States should run as smoothly. All those involved should be proud of this tremendous job that will be finished earlier than projected with minimal disruption to travelers.” K. Camara

“Thank you all so much for your dedication to his project. It has been and continues to be very impressive to watch and makes me proud to be an American. I know there is an incentive to finish this project early and I hope it is a very lucrative reward when you finish. You’ve all certainly earned it!” D. Madden, Resident

“As a truck driver that runs this daily…. I just say you guys have done a great job with keeping traffic flowing pretty smoothly.” P. Ricciardone, Trucker

“Just wanted to take a minute and let you know the workers are doing a fabulous job on this massive project. Very little delays. I live in the East End of Waterbury and I’m excited when a new portion opens up. Keep up the GREAT WORK, wonderful crew.” D. Macary, Resident

“Awesome work here…from design to implementation.” M. Fenaughty, Resident

“Great job with the project. I commute every day and have never had a problem with the construction. The problems are the same ones 84 in Waterbury has had forever. Looking forward to the improvements.” J. Derouin

“We are all impressed with the fantastic job your company is doing. You all should be very proud!” D. Madden, Resident

“I travel this road both ways, 5 days a week. You guys are doing a fabulous job. Thank you!” J. Green, Waterbury

“I am impressed with the organization and execution of the subject project especially evident in the staging and sequence of the work and the disposition of work areas and equipment at the end of the work day and on weekends. I travel through the Waterbury area twice daily and it gives me the opportunity to see the day-to-day changes close-up. For as long as the project lasts, I will look forward to seeing the continued improvements to this troublesome corridor!” K. S., Commuter

“I live by the interactive traffic map, avoiding heavy traffic, and have told all my friends about it; it is a wonderful tool.” S. Pescetelli, Resident


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