I-84 Waterbury Widening

I-84 Waterbury Widening

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Construction Weekly Project Update 09/21/2015


I-84 EB/WB – Temporary illumination exit 23 off ramp near Retaining Wall 112
I-84 median Harpers Ferry Road to Austin Road – Grading, paving, reconstruction of inside shoulders (night)
I-84 EB – Pave new EB Exit 25 off ramp – Washington St. to Hamilton Ave. (night)
I-84 WB – Shoulder paving – Washington St. to Hamilton Ave.

WB 23 off ramp

Construct new WB 23 off ramp (north of existing ramp)


Bridge 4321 (Hamilton Avenue over I-84)

Bridge 5774 (new I-84 over Mad River – eastern crossing)

Bridge 6284 (EB 25 off ramp over Mad River)

Bridge 1226 (Harpers Ferry Road over I-84)

Bridge 1224 (I-84 western crossing over Mad River)

Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall 104 construction (south of EB 23 on ramp)

Local Roads

Plank Road

Reidville Drive

Jacking of Sewer Pipe Under I-84

Continue jacking of new sewer pipe under I-84, east of Hamilton Avenue.

Rock Blasting

Waste Stockpile Area (WSA)

Trucking of controlled materials from WSA on Route 322 at Exit 28 to disposal facility (ongoing).