I-84 Waterbury Widening

I-84 Waterbury Widening

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Construction Weekly Project Update 4/23/2018


Bridge 4321 (Hamilton Avenue Bridge)

Bridge 6590 (Future EB 23 on-ramp bridge)

Bridge 6591 (Future WB 25 on-ramp, west of Harpers Ferry Road)

Bridge 1228 (Scott Road Bridge)

Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall 106 (north of WB I-84, west of WB 25 on-ramp)

Retaining Wall 103 (Along north side of EB 25 off-ramp, west of Hamilton Avenue)

I-84 Mainline

WB I-84 (Approaches to future I-84 bridge over the Mad River west of Harpers Ferry Road)

WB 25 off-ramp (former off-ramp to Scott Road)

WB 25A on-ramp

Miscellaneous work project wide

Night Work (One-lane closures possible between 9:30 PM and 6:00 AM, Monday through Friday nights)

Rock Blasting

Rock blasting to occur along EB I-84 at the Scott Road Bridge vicinity: When I-84 needs to be stopped for safety reasons, blasting will occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM. Traffic stoppages on I-84, WB 25 off-ramp, Scott Road, Plank Road East, East Main Street and Reidville Drive to be implemented at time of blasts for safety reasons.

Waste Stockpile Area (WSA)/Temporary Reuse Stockpile Area (TRSA)

Trucking of controlled materials from WSA on Route 322 at Exit 28 to disposal facility (ongoing); Trucking excavated material to TRSA at Exit 30 WB.