I-84 Waterbury Widening

I-84 Waterbury Widening

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Construction Weekly Project Update 1/16/2017


Bridge 4321 (Hamilton Avenue over I-84)

Bridge 6590 (EB 23 on ramp from Hamilton Avenue)

Bridge 1224 (I-84 bridge over Mad River, western crossing)

Bridge 5774 (future I-84 over Mad River, eastern crossing)

Bridge 6284 (future EB 25 off ramp over Mad River)

Bridge 1226 (Harpers Ferry Road over I-84)

Bridge 1228 (Scott Road Bridge)

Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall 106 (north of WB I-84 west of WB 25 off ramp)

I-84 EB

Culverts – Local Roads

Reidville Drive (Culvert 003 vicinity at eastern end of rock cut)

Plank Road East (Culvert 6622, west of Scott Road)

Plank Road East (Culvert 02537 at Beaver Pond Brook under WB I-84, east of WB 25 on ramp)

Scott Road (Culvert 014 at Scott Road south of WB 25 off ramp)

Pipework – Local Roads

Reidville Drive/Kukas Lane

Night Work

Hamilton Avenue Bridge demolition

Waste Stockpile Area (WSA)/Reuse Stockpile Area (RSA)

Trucking of controlled materials from WSA on Route 322 at Exit 28 to disposal facility (ongoing); Trucking excavated material to RSA at Exit 30 WB.